National Teen Anglers

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Robert Konya



Photo credit Suzanne Bernetti

A Big Thank you to The Fly Shack  for the donations for NJFW/Teen Angler Event at Pequest on July 22, 2017!  You are Awesome!

The Fly Shack is located in Gloversville, NY

 Recreation and Education For The Next Generation

We would like to thank Robert Konya, Michael Konya, Mrs. Konya, Mark Boriek , Frank Jalosky  for ALL you do.  This wonderful event would not be possible without all of you!  We appreciate everything you do!  Thank you to Jessica Griglak, Pequest Trout Hatchery and NJFW.  Thank you to all the parents who help Robert with donations and volunteering!   Thank you to The Fly Shack and to all the companies who have donated to this wonderful event!

When you see these terrific people tomorrow at Pequest thank them for all they do!

Pequest 2017  

14th Annual NJFW/ Teen Angler Event